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[ REQ 6865]: /gd/gnu/libc-copy

Is anybody still using the /gd/gnu/libc-copy on the gnu.org machines 
as a source of files to put in their packages?  

It looks like that directory has not been updated in over a year, though
several of the glibc source files that other packages use have changed
since then.  It used to be the canonical thing for other GNU packages to
use the source files from this directory when they wanted copies of various
files that are maintained as part of glibc (getopt, glob, etc).  (That
directory used to get updated automatically from the glibc sources by
copying the files and replacing the LGPL copyright message with a GPL
copyright message.)  

If it is of use to anyone, I can probably make that directory get updated
automatically again (it would now be from the glibc cvs repository on
sourceware.cygnus.com); we can also make the directory available for ftp
from alpha.gnu.org if that is helpful.  

But since it has been so long since this directory was kept up to date,
I imagine people maintaining other packages have other schemes in place
for getting these files from glibc.  If this directory is not of use to
anyone, then I won't bother making it work again.

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