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[ REQ 6921]: Looking for Custom-Make Software

Dear Person-In-Charge,

My name is KC Chan and I am living in Singapore.

My  professional line is in the Logistics's Industry. For many years,
the stuffing of container, both Airfreight and Seafreight have been
based on manual calculation of the volumetric size of the cargo.

This is very time consuming and non-productive. Currently, I am in
search of a software that matches the followings requirement,

1. Able to draw a 3D design of both Airfreight & Seafreight Container.
2. The software must be user freiendly and not just restrict to people
with CAD knowledge.
3. Container can also be drawn by inputting data like:

Once the Master Container has been drawn, we are able to calculate the
maximum load based on volumetric size by inputting the individual cargo

Would be very please to hear from you whether is that such a software
and can be easily install in Window NT system. There will be definitely
potential in inventing this software as the freight industry is growing.

It will be very potential if the above software is developed and we can
work out a deal to market the product to the industry.

Do hope to hear from you. If you need any additional info, please do not

hesitate to contact me via my email address : kc.chan at pacific.net.sg

Best Regards
KC Chan

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