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Re: [Update REQ 6943]: Comments on your Software

> > "Are there Macintosh or Windows versions?"
> > Don't hate us because we're ignorant.
> Thanks for your response. We don't hate you :). There are two issues
> here:

Now I hate myself. Because I did not know the following awful fact:
> 1. The Geometry Center no longer exists, except for its Web site. The
> NSF chose to cut off funding, so we've all gone on to other jobs. I
> hope that one of us will at least get around to posting this fact on
> the main web site real soon now. 

So do I. I have a link from our departmental homepage to the 
Geometry Center. I'll add a sad note there. I guess the funding ran 
out a while ago because now that I think of it, I haven't received my 
little GC Newsletter for many years! Surely this was big news and I 
was under some big rock at the time. Funnier still: I was 
considering applying for some sabatical time at the Geometry 
Center. This news simplifies that proposal.

> 3. An evangelical argument - there are a lot of free Unixes for PC
> hardware (Linux, FreeBSD, etc). You could consider setting up your
> machine to dual-boot both Windows and a Unix without spending any
> money. If you want to spend a little bit of money, you could buy
> VMWare so that you could run a virtual Linux machine at the same time
> as you're running Windows, which is more convenient.

My next purchase is an NT. I have already obtained Linux (RedHat) 
and will soon be breathing more freely. I'll check into the VMWare 
idea, thanks.

> > But maybe there is a compromise: X-Windows can run on Windows
> > machines. Perhaps there is a way to run GeomView remotely from a
> > generous Unix machine for viewing on Windows machines.
> The problem with this approach is that the graphics will be extremely
> slow. 

Like me. Yes, I understand. Well, thanks for the "update" and I'll 
spread the word to other rock-dwellers.

Rick Mabry

P.S. Good luck with your dissertation and job search.

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