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[Update REQ 6946]: Comments on your Software

> I imagine that I am not the only one who loves the
> study of mathematics but does not have access to
> an SGI workstation, etc.  I am currently trying to
> run qhull using windows 95 and a compiler.  I get the
> feeling that I'll be missing some of the most interest-
> ing aspects of the program if I do not run geomview
> with it.  Is it possible to run geomview on windows 95
> by downloading an available source code of it and
> using a compiler?  

Sorry, no. Geomview only runs under Unix. You don't need an SGI
workstation, though: there are many free versions of Unix that run on
PCs, like Linux or FreeBSD. Note that this would take a fair amount of 
work on your part. You could minimize this work by paying a small
amount of money to a third party vendor like Red Hat (www.redhat.com)
in order to get some help with this process.

> Just what is an X Window system and Motif?  If they
> are available can one run these things using just
> windows 95 and a Pentium 90 computer?

No. XWindows and Motif are Unix things that don't run under Microsoft
Windows. As I mention above, if you wanted to configure your Pentium
90 to run Unix, you could do so.

> When one speaks of compilers, is an ANSI (ISO) C
> compiler just another name for the compiler that 
> compiles for plain old ordinary C code?

Yes, it's just another (more specific) name for a plain old ordinary C

Sorry to disappoint you. Geomview is no longer under active
development since the Geometry Center has been closed down, so it's
unlikely that a Windows version will ever be produced.


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