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Re: [Update REQ 6975]: Geomview question


  I'm not sure which page you're referring to; on the main page, at
http://www-sfb288.math.tu-berlin.de/vgp, there seems to be an animated
gif on the right hand side.  It shows a flow on a torus.  If you click
on the link "JavaView", you get a page with a Java applet showing a
green dodecahedron that you can spin around with the mouse.  I presume
you mean this one, since you're referring to applets.

  In either case I think the problem probably is something with your
browser.  Both of the above pages look fine to me.

  Here are some things that you might check on:

1. Is Java turned off in your browser?
2. Do you have a buggy browser version?  Especially if you're
   using Netscape it might help to upgrade to whatever the current
   version is.
3. Try using a different browser (Switch to IE on a windows machine
   if you've been using Netscape on unix.  I know it's a tragedy to
   have to use windows, but the truth is that IE works a lot better
   than Netscape, especially  Netscape on unix.  I often work with
   two machines in front of me: one unix one for most of my work,
   and a windows one for browsing the web.
4. If you already are using IE on Windows, it may be time to re-install
   IE, or maybe re-install Windows (!!).
5. Are you behind a firewall?  I've heard of corporate firewalls that
   actually try to block or filter java applets.  This seems unlikely
   since you say JGV did work, but who knows.  Maybe you've got a
   firewall that's supposed to block applets but only works some of
   the time.

Hope this helps,


Mark Phillips @ Geometry Technologies, Inc.
550 Gilbert Building, 413 Wacouta St., St. Paul, MN 55101
Phone: 651-223-2884  Fax: 651-292-0014
mbp at geomtech.com       http://www.geomtech.com

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