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[roseman at dimension4.math.uiowa.edu: geomview suggestion]

  • To: software
  • Subject: [roseman at dimension4.math.uiowa.edu: geomview suggestion]
  • From: mbp
  • Date: Fri, 12 Jun 92 02:19:39 CDT

        roseman at dimension4.math.uiowa.edu

Here is a suggestion for geomview--something that I'd like to have  
available--perhaps these would also be useful to others.

A "log" feature.  The idea is that one could create a file which  
would record a portion of a geomview session.  This could then be  
played back.  This form would be one that could be later edited by  
hand if desired.  This would be very useful for making demos and  
videos as well as just plain remembering what one did.

For example, one thing I had trouble with is the "fly" mode.  I  
wanted to make a video of a certain "fly thru".  It was a difficult  
manuever and when I went the "wrong way", I basically had to start  
all over again.  If I had recorded this in a log which I could play  
back, then I could pick up from the "bad" place try and go the "right  
way".  I could also fine tune some of the manipulations by editing  
this script.  After several such tries if I came up with a successful  
flight, I could then make a video of this by just replaying the log  
and recording it on tape.  

I don't think it is necessary to be able to reproduce a session  
exactly--after all geomview sessions are interactive and the timings  
of things and even the exact choices of parameters usually only  
indicated roughly by the user in terms of mouse drags and clicks.

Dennis Roseman, Department of Mathematics, 

University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, USA (52242)
E-mail: roseman at dimension4.math.uiowa.edu, or 

        roseman at oak.math.uiowa.edu
Tel: Office ((555) 555-5555  Dept. ((555) 555-5555
Fax: ((555) 555-5555

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