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scenes & picking

The bug I reported a few days ago turned out to be a mundane booboo on
my part: I forgot to call fflush(stdout) at the appropriate point.
Tamara: the bit about ALLOOGLLIBS is very useful. In loading my program,
after much pain and agony and learning how the loader handles libraries,
I had eventually stumbled across the sequence of loader options -llisp
-loogl -l3d -loogl, so it was gratifying to see that you had used the
same sequence of options in compiling nose.
I am still having problems with scenes and picking. I cannot get any
of the objects drawn into my scene window to be pickable. For instance,
in one attempt I defined a MESH object and drew it in a scene with the
(read geometry {define the_mesh { MESH ...}})
(pick yes)
(new-camera CoordPlane)
(scene CoordPlane : the_mesh)
(pickable the_mesh yes)
but I got the following error message:
pickable: id: expected object or camera name, got "the_mesh"
Error: ')' missing
after which picking would not work on the_mesh. I tried the same thing
with an OFF object instead of a MESH, with the same results. Then I
tried making the camera itself pickable by adding the command
(pickable CoordPlane)
and although that generated no error message still whatever I drew in
the window generated an error message and was not pickable.
I noticed that the geomview object browser shows the camera CoordPlane,
but it does not show any of the objects drawn into the scene viewed by
this camera. This makes me guess that objects which are not on the
object browser also cannot be picked.

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