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Re: scenes & picking

> I am still having problems with scenes and picking. I cannot get any
> of the objects drawn into my scene window to be pickable. For instance,
> in one attempt I defined a MESH object and drew it in a scene with the
> commands
> (read geometry {define the_mesh { MESH ...}})
> (pick yes)
> (new-camera CoordPlane)
> (scene CoordPlane : the_mesh)
> (pickable the_mesh yes)
> but I got the following error message:
> pickable: id: expected object or camera name, got "the_mesh"
> Error: ')' missing

There are really two name spaces involved: symbols (created with "define"
and used with ":"), and geomview objects (created with (new-geometry ...)
or (geometry ...)).  The "pickable" command only applies to geomview objects.

Fortunately though you don't need to declare a scene to be pickable;
scenes are a special case, and always are pickable.  So the error message
you saw is harmless.

I just tried the example you gave, running geomview as

	geomview -c -

so that it reads commands from and sends any responses to the terminal.
Then I typed in your example, including a simple mesh.
I get the same error message you do, but picking seems to work fine.
When I click (using the RIGHT mouse button!) on the mesh, I get something like

	(picked "CoordPlane" (coordinates...) () ())

printed on the terminal.  (Actually I see two such messages for every
button click, which is puzzling but should be harmless.)  Clicking on
the background, I see


How does this fit with what you see?

If it doesn't, is there a possibility that you aren't running the same
version we are?  We released something called geomview 1.1 several times.
I added scene picking on June 9th.  If you've got the source distribution,
you might look in src/bin/geomview/common/drawer.c for a comment reading

        /* Picking in a window with a dedicated Scene */

If that's not present, you need to pick up a fresh copy.

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