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[jdm at poincare.Colorado.EDU: Re: geomview ld errors]

  • To: software
  • Subject: [jdm at poincare.Colorado.EDU: Re: geomview ld errors]
  • From: munzner
  • Date: Wed, 8 Jul 1992 18:29:17 -0500

You are correct that the first "make" stuff that I sent was
a second try at a make. 

I've deleted all the "geom" stuff (which was a real pain
because lots of it had umask = 444), and untared a
pristine version of geom.

After source config, editing the Makedefs file to point to
/usr/local/geom/data and /usr/local/bin, and doing a make depend,
here is what I did next:

< 128 poincare /jdm/geom> make > makeout
/usr/bin/ar: Warning: creating ../../../../lib/sgi/libcamera.a
/usr/bin/ar: Warning: creating ../../../../lib/sgi/libcolor.a
/usr/bin/ar: Warning: creating ../../../../../lib/sgi/lib3d.a
/usr/bin/ar: Warning: creating ../../../../../lib/sgi/libbbox.a
/usr/bin/ar: Warning: creating ../../../../../lib/sgi/libbezier.a
/usr/bin/ar: Warning: creating ../../../../../lib/sgi/libgeom.a
/usr/bin/ar: Warning: creating ../../../../../lib/sgi/libinst.a
/usr/bin/ar: Warning: creating ../../../../../lib/sgi/liblincoln.a
/usr/bin/ar: Warning: creating ../../../../../lib/sgi/liblist.a
/usr/bin/ar: Warning: creating ../../../../../lib/sgi/libmesh.a
/usr/bin/ar: Warning: creating ../../../../../lib/sgi/libpolylist.a
/usr/bin/ar: Warning: creating ../../../../../lib/sgi/libquad.a
/usr/bin/ar: Warning: creating ../../../../../lib/sgi/libstub.a
/usr/bin/ar: Warning: creating ../../../../../lib/sgi/libtlist.a
/usr/bin/ar: Warning: creating ../../../../../lib/sgi/libvect.a
/usr/bin/ar: Warning: creating ../../../../lib/sgi/liblisp.a
/usr/bin/ar: Warning: creating ../../../../../lib/sgi/libmg.a
/usr/bin/ar: Warning: creating ../../../../lib/sgi/liboogl.a
/usr/bin/ar: Warning: creating ../../../../lib/sgi/libshade.a
accom: Warning 310: porting.c, line 167: A file with no declarations or definitions is accepted as an extension to ANSI C
       END OF FILE
       /usr/bin/ar: Warning: creating ../../../../lib/sgi/libwindow.a








***********Contents of makeout file *********************
Configuring GEOMDATA = /usr/local/geom/data, GEOMBINROOT = /newton/scratch/jdm/geom/bin
in ./include/geomconfig.h and ./src/config/geomconfig.h
	cd makefiles ; make all
	cd tools ; make all
	cd src ; make all
	cd lib ; make all
	cd forms ; make all
	cd camera ; make all
	cd O.sgi ; make all
	rm -f camera.o camera.c
	ln ../camera.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../include  -c camera.c
	rm -f camstream.o camstream.c
	ln ../camstream.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../include  -c camstream.c
	rm -f camcompat.o camcompat.c
	ln ../camcompat.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../include  -c camcompat.c
	/usr/bin/ar r ../../../../lib/sgi/libcamera.a camera.o camstream.o camcompat.o
	: ../../../../lib/sgi/libcamera.a
	cd color ; make all
	cd O.sgi ; make all
	rm -f mergeplus.o mergeplus.c
	ln ../mergeplus.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../include  -c mergeplus.c
	rm -f mergein.o mergein.c
	ln ../mergein.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../include  -c mergein.c
	rm -f mergeout.o mergeout.c
	ln ../mergeout.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../include  -c mergeout.c
	rm -f mergeover.o mergeover.c
	ln ../mergeover.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../include  -c mergeover.c
	rm -f mergeunder.o mergeunder.c
	ln ../mergeunder.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../include  -c mergeunder.c
	rm -f paintcopy.o paintcopy.c
	ln ../paintcopy.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../include  -c paintcopy.c
	rm -f paintover.o paintover.c
	ln ../paintover.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../include  -c paintover.c
	rm -f color.o color.c
	ln ../color.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../include  -c color.c
	/usr/bin/ar r ../../../../lib/sgi/libcolor.a mergeplus.o mergein.o mergeout.o mergeover.o mergeunder.o paintcopy.o paintover.o color.o
	: ../../../../lib/sgi/libcolor.a
	cd geometry ; make all
	cd hpoint3 ; make all
	cd O.sgi ; make all
	rm -f hpoint3.o hpoint3.c
	ln ../hpoint3.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c hpoint3.c
	rm -f hplane3.o hplane3.c
	ln ../hplane3.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c hplane3.c
	rm -f hline3.o hline3.c
	ln ../hline3.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c hline3.c
	rm -f hg4.o hg4.c
	ln ../hg4.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c hg4.c
	/usr/bin/ar r ../../../../../lib/sgi/lib3d.a hpoint3.o hplane3.o hline3.o hg4.o
	: ../../../../../lib/sgi/lib3d.a
	cd point3 ; make all
	cd O.sgi ; make all
	rm -f point3.o point3.c
	ln ../point3.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c point3.c
	rm -f segments.o segments.c
	ln ../segments.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c segments.c
	cd transform3 ; make all
	cd O.sgi ; make all
	rm -f tm3conjugate.o tm3conjugate.c
	ln ../tm3conjugate.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c tm3conjugate.c
	rm -f tm3print.o tm3print.c
	ln ../tm3print.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c tm3print.c
	rm -f tm3stack.o tm3stack.c
	ln ../tm3stack.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c tm3stack.c
	rm -f tm3copy.o tm3copy.c
	ln ../tm3copy.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c tm3copy.c
	rm -f tm3adjoint.o tm3adjoint.c
	ln ../tm3adjoint.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c tm3adjoint.c
	rm -f tm3invert.o tm3invert.c
	ln ../tm3invert.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c tm3invert.c
	rm -f tm3dual.o tm3dual.c
	ln ../tm3dual.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c tm3dual.c
	rm -f tm3concat.o tm3concat.c
	ln ../tm3concat.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c tm3concat.c
	rm -f tm3identity.o tm3identity.c
	ln ../tm3identity.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c tm3identity.c
	rm -f ctm3ortho.o ctm3ortho.c
	ln ../ctm3ortho.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c ctm3ortho.c
	rm -f tm3ortho.o tm3ortho.c
	ln ../tm3ortho.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c tm3ortho.c
	rm -f ctm3translate.o ctm3translate.c
	ln ../ctm3translate.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c ctm3translate.c
	rm -f tm3translate.o tm3translate.c
	ln ../tm3translate.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c tm3translate.c
	rm -f ctm3rotate.o ctm3rotate.c
	ln ../ctm3rotate.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c ctm3rotate.c
	rm -f tm3rotate.o tm3rotate.c
	ln ../tm3rotate.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c tm3rotate.c
	rm -f ctm3scale.o ctm3scale.c
	ln ../ctm3scale.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c ctm3scale.c
	rm -f tm3scale.o tm3scale.c
	ln ../tm3scale.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c tm3scale.c
	rm -f ctm3align.o ctm3align.c
	ln ../ctm3align.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c ctm3align.c
	rm -f tm3align.o tm3align.c
	ln ../tm3align.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c tm3align.c
	rm -f ctm3tetrad.o ctm3tetrad.c
	ln ../ctm3tetrad.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c ctm3tetrad.c
	rm -f tm3tetrad.o tm3tetrad.c
	ln ../tm3tetrad.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c tm3tetrad.c
	rm -f ctm3persp.o ctm3persp.c
	ln ../ctm3persp.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c ctm3persp.c
	rm -f tm3persp.o tm3persp.c
	ln ../tm3persp.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c tm3persp.c
	rm -f ctm3perspfov.o ctm3perspfov.c
	ln ../ctm3perspfov.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c ctm3perspfov.c
	rm -f tm3perspfov.o tm3perspfov.c
	ln ../tm3perspfov.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c tm3perspfov.c
	rm -f tm3hyp.o tm3hyp.c
	ln ../tm3hyp.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c tm3hyp.c
	/usr/bin/ar r ../../../../../lib/sgi/lib3d.a tm3conjugate.o					 tm3print.o					 tm3stack.o					 tm3copy.o					 tm3adjoint.o					 tm3invert.o					 tm3dual.o					 tm3concat.o					 tm3identity.o					 ctm3ortho.o 		tm3ortho.o 		 ctm3translate.o		tm3translate.o		 ctm3rotate.o 		tm3rotate.o		 ctm3scale.o 		tm3scale.o		 ctm3align.o		tm3align.o		 ctm3tetrad.o		tm3tetrad.o		 ctm3persp.o		tm3persp.o		 ctm3perspfov.o		tm3perspfov.o		 tm3hyp.o
	: ../../../../../lib/sgi/lib3d.a
	cd transobj ; make all
	cd O.sgi ; make all
	rm -f transobj.o transobj.c
	ln ../transobj.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c transobj.c
	cd gprim ; make all
	cd bbox ; make all
	cd O.sgi ; make all
	rm -f bboxcopy.o bboxcopy.c
	ln ../bboxcopy.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c bboxcopy.c
	rm -f bboxtransform.o bboxtransform.c
	ln ../bboxtransform.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c bboxtransform.c
	rm -f bboxunion.o bboxunion.c
	ln ../bboxunion.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c bboxunion.c
	rm -f bboxminmax.o bboxminmax.c
	ln ../bboxminmax.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c bboxminmax.c
	rm -f bboxbound.o bboxbound.c
	ln ../bboxbound.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c bboxbound.c
	rm -f bboxcreate.o bboxcreate.c
	ln ../bboxcreate.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c bboxcreate.c
	rm -f bboxclass.o bboxclass.c
	ln ../bboxclass.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c bboxclass.c
	rm -f bboxdraw.o bboxdraw.c
	ln ../bboxdraw.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c bboxdraw.c
	rm -f bboxsave.o bboxsave.c
	ln ../bboxsave.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c bboxsave.c
	rm -f bboxload.o bboxload.c
	ln ../bboxload.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c bboxload.c
	/usr/bin/ar r ../../../../../lib/sgi/libbbox.a bboxcopy.o bboxtransform.o bboxunion.o bboxminmax.o bboxbound.o bboxcreate.o bboxclass.o bboxdraw.o bboxsave.o bboxload.o
	: ../../../../../lib/sgi/libbbox.a
	cd bezier ; make all
	cd O.sgi ; make all
	rm -f bezclass.o bezclass.c
	ln ../bezclass.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c bezclass.c
	rm -f bezcreate.o bezcreate.c
	ln ../bezcreate.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c bezcreate.c
	rm -f bezload.o bezload.c
	ln ../bezload.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c bezload.c
	rm -f bezbound.o bezbound.c
	ln ../bezbound.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c bezbound.c
	rm -f bezevert.o bezevert.c
	ln ../bezevert.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c bezevert.c
	rm -f bezdraw.o bezdraw.c
	ln ../bezdraw.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c bezdraw.c
	rm -f bezdice.o bezdice.c
	ln ../bezdice.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c bezdice.c
	rm -f bezsave.o bezsave.c
	ln ../bezsave.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c bezsave.c
	rm -f bezpick.o bezpick.c
	ln ../bezpick.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c bezpick.c
	/usr/bin/ar r ../../../../../lib/sgi/libbezier.a bezclass.o bezcreate.o bezload.o bezbound.o bezevert.o bezdraw.o bezdice.o bezsave.o bezpick.o
	: ../../../../../lib/sgi/libbezier.a
	cd geom ; make all
	cd O.sgi ; make all
	rm -f name.o name.c
	ln ../name.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c name.c
	rm -f knownclass.o knownclass.c
	ln ../knownclass.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c knownclass.c
	rm -f class.o class.c
	ln ../class.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c class.c
	rm -f message.o message.c
	ln ../message.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c message.c
	rm -f create.o create.c
	ln ../create.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c create.c
	rm -f delete.o delete.c
	ln ../delete.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c delete.c
	rm -f copy.o copy.c
	ln ../copy.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c copy.c
	rm -f transform.o transform.c
	ln ../transform.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c transform.c
	rm -f bound.o bound.c
	ln ../bound.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c bound.c
	rm -f evert.o evert.c
	ln ../evert.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c evert.c
	rm -f dice.o dice.c
	ln ../dice.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c dice.c
	rm -f pick.o pick.c
	ln ../pick.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c pick.c
	rm -f draw.o draw.c
	ln ../draw.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c draw.c
	rm -f replace.o replace.c
	ln ../replace.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c replace.c
	rm -f iterate.o iterate.c
	ln ../iterate.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c iterate.c
	rm -f handlescan.o handlescan.c
	ln ../handlescan.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c handlescan.c
	rm -f geomstream.o geomstream.c
	ln ../geomstream.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c geomstream.c
	/usr/bin/ar r ../../../../../lib/sgi/libgeom.a name.o knownclass.o class.o message.o create.o delete.o copy.o transform.o bound.o evert.o dice.o pick.o draw.o replace.o iterate.o handlescan.o geomstream.o
	: ../../../../../lib/sgi/libgeom.a
	cd inst ; make all
	cd O.sgi ; make all
	rm -f instbound.o instbound.c
	ln ../instbound.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c instbound.c
	rm -f instclass.o instclass.c
	ln ../instclass.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c instclass.c
	rm -f instcreate.o instcreate.c
	ln ../instcreate.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c instcreate.c
	rm -f instdraw.o instdraw.c
	ln ../instdraw.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c instdraw.c
	rm -f instpick.o instpick.c
	ln ../instpick.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c instpick.c
	rm -f instmisc.o instmisc.c
	ln ../instmisc.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c instmisc.c
	rm -f inststream.o inststream.c
	ln ../inststream.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c inststream.c
	/usr/bin/ar r ../../../../../lib/sgi/libinst.a instbound.o instclass.o instcreate.o instdraw.o instpick.o instmisc.o inststream.o
	: ../../../../../lib/sgi/libinst.a
	cd lincoln ; make all
	cd O.sgi ; make all
	rm -f lincolnclass.o lincolnclass.c
	ln ../lincolnclass.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c lincolnclass.c
	rm -f lincolnload.o lincolnload.c
	ln ../lincolnload.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c lincolnload.c
	/usr/bin/ar r ../../../../../lib/sgi/liblincoln.a lincolnclass.o lincolnload.o
	: ../../../../../lib/sgi/liblincoln.a
	cd list ; make all
	cd O.sgi ; make all
	rm -f listclass.o listclass.c
	ln ../listclass.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c listclass.c
	rm -f listcreate.o listcreate.c
	ln ../listcreate.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c listcreate.c
	rm -f listmisc.o listmisc.c
	ln ../listmisc.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c listmisc.c
	rm -f listpick.o listpick.c
	ln ../listpick.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c listpick.c
	rm -f listdraw.o listdraw.c
	ln ../listdraw.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c listdraw.c
	rm -f liststream.o liststream.c
	ln ../liststream.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c liststream.c
	/usr/bin/ar r ../../../../../lib/sgi/liblist.a listclass.o listcreate.o listmisc.o listpick.o listdraw.o liststream.o
	: ../../../../../lib/sgi/liblist.a
	cd mesh ; make all
	cd O.sgi ; make all
	rm -f meshbound.o meshbound.c
	ln ../meshbound.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c meshbound.c
	rm -f meshload.o meshload.c
	ln ../meshload.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c meshload.c
	rm -f meshsave.o meshsave.c
	ln ../meshsave.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c meshsave.c
	rm -f meshdraw.o meshdraw.c
	ln ../meshdraw.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c meshdraw.c
	rm -f meshclass.o meshclass.c
	ln ../meshclass.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c meshclass.c
	rm -f meshdelete.o meshdelete.c
	ln ../meshdelete.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c meshdelete.c
	rm -f meshcreate.o meshcreate.c
	ln ../meshcreate.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c meshcreate.c
	rm -f meshevert.o meshevert.c
	ln ../meshevert.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c meshevert.c
	rm -f meshnormal.o meshnormal.c
	ln ../meshnormal.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c meshnormal.c
	rm -f meshdice.o meshdice.c
	ln ../meshdice.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c meshdice.c
	rm -f meshshare.o meshshare.c
	ln ../meshshare.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c meshshare.c
	rm -f meshprivate.o meshprivate.c
	ln ../meshprivate.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c meshprivate.c
	rm -f meshcopy.o meshcopy.c
	ln ../meshcopy.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c meshcopy.c
	rm -f meshpick.o meshpick.c
	ln ../meshpick.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c meshpick.c
	/usr/bin/ar r ../../../../../lib/sgi/libmesh.a meshbound.o meshload.o meshsave.o meshdraw.o meshclass.o meshdelete.o meshcreate.o meshevert.o meshnormal.o meshdice.o meshshare.o meshprivate.o meshcopy.o meshpick.o
	: ../../../../../lib/sgi/libmesh.a
	cd polylist ; make all
	cd O.sgi ; make all
	rm -f plevert.o plevert.c
	ln ../plevert.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c plevert.c
	rm -f plnormal.o plnormal.c
	ln ../plnormal.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c plnormal.c
	rm -f plbound.o plbound.c
	ln ../plbound.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c plbound.c
	rm -f plcreate.o plcreate.c
	ln ../plcreate.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c plcreate.c
	rm -f plclass.o plclass.c
	ln ../plclass.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c plclass.c
	rm -f pldraw.o pldraw.c
	ln ../pldraw.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c pldraw.c
	rm -f plcopy.o plcopy.c
	ln ../plcopy.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c plcopy.c
	rm -f plsave.o plsave.c
	ln ../plsave.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c plsave.c
	rm -f plload.o plload.c
	ln ../plload.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c plload.c
	rm -f plpick.o plpick.c
	ln ../plpick.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c plpick.c
	/usr/bin/ar r ../../../../../lib/sgi/libpolylist.a plevert.o plnormal.o plbound.o plcreate.o plclass.o pldraw.o plcopy.o plsave.o plload.o plpick.o
	: ../../../../../lib/sgi/libpolylist.a
	cd quad ; make all
	cd O.sgi ; make all
	rm -f quadclass.o quadclass.c
	ln ../quadclass.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c quadclass.c
	rm -f quadcreate.o quadcreate.c
	ln ../quadcreate.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c quadcreate.c
	rm -f quadload.o quadload.c
	ln ../quadload.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c quadload.c
	rm -f quadcopy.o quadcopy.c
	ln ../quadcopy.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c quadcopy.c
	rm -f quadbound.o quadbound.c
	ln ../quadbound.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c quadbound.c
	rm -f quadevert.o quadevert.c
	ln ../quadevert.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c quadevert.c
	rm -f quadnormal.o quadnormal.c
	ln ../quadnormal.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c quadnormal.c
	rm -f quaddelete.o quaddelete.c
	ln ../quaddelete.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c quaddelete.c
	rm -f quadsave.o quadsave.c
	ln ../quadsave.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c quadsave.c
	rm -f quaddraw.o quaddraw.c
	ln ../quaddraw.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c quaddraw.c
	rm -f quadpick.o quadpick.c
	ln ../quadpick.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c quadpick.c
	/usr/bin/ar r ../../../../../lib/sgi/libquad.a quadclass.o quadcreate.o quadload.o quadcopy.o quadbound.o quadevert.o quadnormal.o quaddelete.o quadsave.o quaddraw.o quadpick.o
	: ../../../../../lib/sgi/libquad.a
	cd stub ; make all
	cd O.sgi ; make all
	rm -f quad.o quad.c
	ln ../quad.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c quad.c
	rm -f polylist.o polylist.c
	ln ../polylist.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c polylist.c
	rm -f list.o list.c
	ln ../list.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c list.c
	rm -f bezier.o bezier.c
	ln ../bezier.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c bezier.c
	rm -f bezierlist.o bezierlist.c
	ln ../bezierlist.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c bezierlist.c
	rm -f mesh.o mesh.c
	ln ../mesh.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c mesh.c
	rm -f lincoln.o lincoln.c
	ln ../lincoln.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c lincoln.c
	rm -f bbox.o bbox.c
	ln ../bbox.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c bbox.c
	rm -f inst.o inst.c
	ln ../inst.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c inst.c
	rm -f vect.o vect.c
	ln ../vect.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c vect.c
	rm -f tlist.o tlist.c
	ln ../tlist.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c tlist.c
	rm -f stub.o stub.c
	ln ../stub.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c stub.c
	rm -f stubdraw.o stubdraw.c
	ln ../stubdraw.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c stubdraw.c
	/usr/bin/ar r ../../../../../lib/sgi/libstub.a quad.o polylist.o list.o bezier.o bezierlist.o mesh.o lincoln.o bbox.o inst.o vect.o tlist.o stub.o stubdraw.o
	: ../../../../../lib/sgi/libstub.a
	rm -f libstubdraw.a
	ln stubdraw.o libstubdraw.a
	/etc/install  -O -v -m 444 -F ../../../../../lib/sgi libstubdraw.a
libstubdraw.a installed as ../../../../../lib/sgi/libstubdraw.a.
	cd tlist ; make all
	cd O.sgi ; make all
	rm -f tlclass.o tlclass.c
	ln ../tlclass.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c tlclass.c
	rm -f tlcreate.o tlcreate.c
	ln ../tlcreate.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c tlcreate.c
	rm -f tlload.o tlload.c
	ln ../tlload.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c tlload.c
	rm -f tltransform.o tltransform.c
	ln ../tltransform.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c tltransform.c
	rm -f tlsave.o tlsave.c
	ln ../tlsave.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c tlsave.c
	rm -f tlstream.o tlstream.c
	ln ../tlstream.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c tlstream.c
	/usr/bin/ar r ../../../../../lib/sgi/libtlist.a tlclass.o tlcreate.o tlload.o tltransform.o tlsave.o tlstream.o
	: ../../../../../lib/sgi/libtlist.a
	cd vect ; make all
	cd O.sgi ; make all
	rm -f vectbound.o vectbound.c
	ln ../vectbound.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c vectbound.c
	rm -f vectload.o vectload.c
	ln ../vectload.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c vectload.c
	rm -f vectsave.o vectsave.c
	ln ../vectsave.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c vectsave.c
	rm -f vectdraw.o vectdraw.c
	ln ../vectdraw.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c vectdraw.c
	rm -f vectclass.o vectclass.c
	ln ../vectclass.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c vectclass.c
	rm -f vectcreate.o vectcreate.c
	ln ../vectcreate.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c vectcreate.c
	rm -f vectpick.o vectpick.c
	ln ../vectpick.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c vectpick.c
	/usr/bin/ar r ../../../../../lib/sgi/libvect.a vectbound.o vectload.o vectsave.o vectdraw.o vectclass.o vectcreate.o vectpick.o
	: ../../../../../lib/sgi/libvect.a
	cd lisp ; make all
	cd O.sgi ; make all
	rm -f lisp.o lisp.c
	ln ../lisp.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../include  -c lisp.c
	/usr/bin/ar r ../../../../lib/sgi/liblisp.a lisp.o
	: ../../../../lib/sgi/liblisp.a
	cd mg ; make all
	cd common ; make all
	cd O.sgi ; make all
	rm -f mg.o mg.c
	ln ../mg.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c mg.c
	/usr/bin/ar r ../../../../../lib/sgi/libmg.a mg.o
	: ../../../../../lib/sgi/libmg.a
	cd gl ; make all
	cd O.sgi ; make all
	rm -f mggl.o mggl.c
	ln ../mggl.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c mggl.c
	rm -f mgglshade.o mgglshade.c
	ln ../mgglshade.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c mgglshade.c
	rm -f mggldraw.o mggldraw.c
	ln ../mggldraw.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c mggldraw.c
	rm -f mgglmesh.o mgglmesh.c
	ln ../mgglmesh.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c mgglmesh.c
	/usr/bin/ar r ../../../../../lib/sgi/libmg.a mggl.o mgglshade.o mggldraw.o mgglmesh.o
	: ../../../../../lib/sgi/libmg.a
	cd ri ; make all
	cd rib ; make all
	cd O.sgi ; make all
	rm -f mgrib.o mgrib.c
	ln ../mgrib.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c mgrib.c
	rm -f mgribshade.o mgribshade.c
	ln ../mgribshade.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c mgribshade.c
	rm -f mgribdraw.o mgribdraw.c
	ln ../mgribdraw.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c mgribdraw.c
	rm -f mgribmesh.o mgribmesh.c
	ln ../mgribmesh.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c mgribmesh.c
	rm -f mgributil.o mgributil.c
	ln ../mgributil.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c mgributil.c
	rm -f mgribtoken.o mgribtoken.c
	ln ../mgribtoken.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c mgribtoken.c
	/usr/bin/ar r ../../../../../lib/sgi/libmg.a mgrib.o mgribshade.o mgribdraw.o mgribmesh.o mgributil.o mgribtoken.o
	: ../../../../../lib/sgi/libmg.a
	cd xgl ; make all
	cd refcomm ; make all
	cd O.sgi ; make all
	rm -f reference.o reference.c
	ln ../reference.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../include  -c reference.c
	rm -f handle.o handle.c
	ln ../handle.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../include  -c handle.c
	rm -f streampool.o streampool.c
	ln ../streampool.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../include  -c streampool.c
	/usr/bin/ar r ../../../../lib/sgi/liboogl.a reference.o handle.o streampool.o
	: ../../../../lib/sgi/liboogl.a
	cd shade ; make all
	cd O.sgi ; make all
	rm -f appearance.o appearance.c
	ln ../appearance.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../include  -c appearance.c
	rm -f light.o light.c
	ln ../light.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../include  -c light.c
	rm -f apstream.o apstream.c
	ln ../apstream.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../include  -c apstream.c
	/usr/bin/ar r ../../../../lib/sgi/libshade.a appearance.o light.o apstream.o
	: ../../../../lib/sgi/libshade.a
	cd util ; make all
	cd O.sgi ; make all
	rm -f error.o error.c
	ln ../error.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../include  -c error.c
	rm -f futil.o futil.c
	ln ../futil.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../include  -c futil.c
	rm -f mallocp.o mallocp.c
	ln ../mallocp.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../include  -c mallocp.c
	rm -f fsa.o fsa.c
	ln ../fsa.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../include  -c fsa.c
	rm -f findfile.o findfile.c
	ln ../findfile.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../include  -c findfile.c
	rm -f porting.o porting.c
	ln ../porting.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../include  -c porting.c
	cd window ; make all
	cd O.sgi ; make all
	rm -f window.o window.c
	ln ../window.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../include  -c window.c
	rm -f winstream.o winstream.c
	ln ../winstream.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../include  -c winstream.c
	/usr/bin/ar r ../../../../lib/sgi/libwindow.a window.o winstream.o
	: ../../../../lib/sgi/libwindow.a
	cd bin ; make all
	cd geomview ; make all
	cd gl ; make all
	cd O.sgi ; make all
	rm -f comm.o comm.c
	ln ../../common/comm.c .
	cc -I../../common -DRMAN -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include -c comm.c
	rm -f drawer.o drawer.c
	ln ../../common/drawer.c .
	cc -I../../common -DRMAN -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include -c drawer.c
	rm -f event.o event.c
	ln ../../common/event.c .
	cc -I../../common -DRMAN -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include -c event.c
	rm -f hgeom.o hgeom.c
	ln ../../common/hgeom.c .
	cc -I../../common -DRMAN -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include -c hgeom.c
	rm -f lights.o lights.c
	ln ../../common/lights.c .
	cc -I../../common -DRMAN -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include -c lights.c
	rm -f lang.o lang.c
	ln ../../common/lang.c .
	cc -I../../common -DRMAN -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include -c lang.c
	rm -f main.o main.c
	ln ../../common/main.c .
	cc -I../../common -DRMAN -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include -c main.c
	rm -f motion.o motion.c
	ln ../../common/motion.c .
	cc -I../../common -DRMAN -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include -c motion.c
	rm -f mouse.o mouse.c
	ln ../../common/mouse.c .
	cc -I../../common -DRMAN -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include -c mouse.c
	rm -f rman.o rman.c
	ln ../../common/rman.c .
	cc -I../../common -DRMAN -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include -c rman.c
	rm -f ui.o ui.c
	ln ../../common/ui.c .
	cc -I../../common -DRMAN -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include -c ui.c
	rm -f worldio.o worldio.c
	ln ../../common/worldio.c .
	cc -I../../common -DRMAN -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include -c worldio.c
	rm -f panel.c
	cp ../panel.c .
	rm -f panel.h
	cp ../panel.h .
	rm -f glui.o glui.c
	ln ../glui.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c glui.c
	rm -f glevent.o glevent.c
	ln ../glevent.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c glevent.c
	rm -f glmain.o glmain.c
	ln ../glmain.c .
	cc -I.. -g -float -prototypes  -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../../include  -c glmain.c
	cd ../../../../../src/lib/forms ; make install
libforms.a installed as ../../../lib/sgi/libforms.a.
	rm -f gv geomview ../gv ../geomview || :
	cc -g -o geomview comm.o  drawer.o  event.o  hgeom.o  lights.o  lang.o  main.o  motion.o  mouse.o  rman.o  ui.o  worldio.o \
	  glui.o glevent.o glmain.o  \
	  -L../../../../../lib/sgi -llisp -lmg -lcamera -lwindow  -lgeom -lquad -lpolylist -lvect -lbezier -lmesh -lvect  -linst -ltlist -llist -lbbox -lstub -lgeom  -lshade -loogl -l3d -lcolor \
	  -lforms -lfm_s \
	  -lmalloc -lgl_s -lm -lc_s
*** Error code 1
*** Error code 1
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*** Error code 1
*** Error code 1

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