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geomview RS6000 port

  • To: software
  • Subject: geomview RS6000 port
  • From: munzner
  • Date: Thu, 16 Jul 1992 17:44:50 -0500
  • In-Reply-To: Dennis M. Roseman's message of Thu, 16 Jul 92 17:17:21 GMT-0600 <9207162317.AA00951 at dimension4.math.uiowa.edu>

[Just resending this to software to get it in the log...]

In short: your suspicion is not accurate. It's not just the compiler:
it's the GL font manager (used by the interface) which hasn't yet been
ported to the RS/6000.

(The compiler we use to compile geomview on the Iris is cc, but we do 
have a version that compiles on the Nexts with gcc.)

Here's a few more detailed replies already sent out to a previous
asker of this question:


>hi, i would really like to try out geomview but currently
>we have only RS/6000 available. do you have plans to port
>geomview to other platforms? does it need anything else besides
>gl to run? many thanks.

Geomview uses Mark Overmars' FORMS library, which in turn uses the
SGI font manager library  (fmsetfont(), fmscalefont(), fmprstr(), etc.).
The last I'd heard of RS/6000 GL, it didn't have anything like this,
but that was a while ago; does it now?  Aside from that, there's a fair
chance it could be ported without too much difficulty.

Barring a usable font manager, it might be possible to have a
stripped-down version of geomview with graphics windows but no FORMS
control panels.  For anything more ambitious, you might have to do the work
yourself.  Are any of these possibilities appealing?

And another:

> Hi,
>    I have not yet attempted to use the FORMS library on the IBM, the font manager
> is the prob. Think I can get that ironed out soon enough. 
>    The font manager seems to be the sticking point for many other programs so
> it seems to be a good idea for a port. Is making the stripped down version a 
> difficult task ?. Alternately I would be happy to add the panels etc using Motif.
> I had worked on a fontmanager like thingy sone months back, can dust it off. I
> would however prefer adding motif support, which is now available both on the
> SGI and IBM RS6000.
> 	Seems a worthwhile task to me ! I'd be willing to spend some time on it..

Yes, that definitely sounds interesting.  If you have even a partial
fontmanager clone, that might be enough to get FORMS working.
It may be the least-effort way to go.

FORMS 2.0 calls the following fm routines:
        fmfindfont(char *name)
        fmgetfontinfo(fmfonthandle fnt, fmfontinfo *info)
        fmgetstrwidth(fmfonthandle fnt, char *str)
        fmscalefont(fmfontinfo *font, double v)
        fmsetfont(fmfontinfo *font)

A Motif interface for geomview would be really nice; it's very much
in flux right now though, so putting a lot of work into duplicating the
current set of panels might not be worthwhile.

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