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glaring geomview bug ( in /u/geom/bin copy, at least )

  • To: software, nils, dan, carlos, wisdom
  • Subject: glaring geomview bug ( in /u/geom/bin copy, at least )
  • From: mbp
  • Date: Mon, 20 Jul 92 15:22:52 CDT

Sherry had a bad experience this morning with geomview overwriting
some of her files, and we finally figured out what happened.  This
is a serious bug that anyone using the "save" feature should
know about until it is fixed:

Assume that the "load" button has been pressed so that the file
browser panel is on display.  Normally you can load objects from it by
clicking on them in the browser. The panel works in a non-blocking way
--- you can do other things, with the load panel still on display, and
return to it to load more stuff at any time.

If you use the '>' key in a camera window to save something to a file,
however, then the load panel secretly goes into "save" mode, so that
the next time you click on an object in the load panel browser,
geomview writes (*overwrites*!) that file instead of loading it.
What it writes is a geomview command file containing the program's
entire current state.

The workaround is to dismiss the load panel with its "done" button
and re-invoke it via the main panel's load button.  This has the
side-effect of putting it back in "load" mode.


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