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forms library

My pleated surface viewer is working very nicely. I have finally gotten
real pictures of pleated surfaces, and I can control their shapes by
moving points around on a parameter plane.
Now I want to make the program user friendly. What I would really like
is a dialog box like what you have in graffiti. Looking through the code
for graffiti, I discovered the "forms" library, and nosing through the
gl directory, I discovered that you used this library to generate the
beautiful dialog boxes which control geomview as well.
So now I want to know how to use forms. Here are some specific
questions. There seems to be two different things going on.
First there is the forms library itself, written by Mark Overmars. But
other than the "forms.h" file, I cannot find any information in the
geomview directory tree, for instance, no source and no description of
how to use the functions listed in forms.h.
Second, the "panel.c" and "panel.h" files of graffiti, which depend on
the forms library, claim to have been automatically generated by
something called "fdesign". I haven't been able to find fdesign anywhere
in the geomview directory tree, and I couldn't find anything called
"fdesign" in the forms.h file. What is fdesign? It sounds sort of like
the Macintosh program "ResEdit", with which you can automatically design
dialog boxes, etc.
How can I learn about the forms library and fdesign? I would love to
have dialog boxes controlling my pleated surface viewer.
Lee Mosher

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