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Re: geomview software


 >From mbp at geom.umn.edu Thu Feb  4 23:26:45 1993
 >Date: Thu, 4 Feb 93 22:26:40 CST
 >> Do you think it would be feasible to do a Sun port?
 >Do you mean feasible for us to do it, or feasible for you to do it?
 >We have thought about it and even worked on it a little bit but
 >decided to concentrate on the SGI version since SGI peformance in 3D
 >graphics is so much better.  A Sun version would be a lot of work and
 >it isn't clear that it would be worth it because the performance would
 >be so bad except on the highest end Suns.

Actually, I was really asking both questions at once: do you have plans
for a Sun port, and how hard would it be for us to do one.

My idea of a simple Sun port would be to use one of the third party
GL libraries done for Sun. I've seen some literature from Dupont Pixel
that sells a library that runs either on native Sun framebuffers or
on some accelerated frame buffers they sell.

Do you have any experience with either how hard or satisfactory this
sort of port is? Are there SGI dependencies beyond GL itself in

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