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  • To: mikes at bioch.ox.ac.uk
  • Subject: geomview
  • From: munzner
  • Date: Fri, 5 Feb 93 11:59:46 CST
  • In-Reply-To: mikes at bioch.ox.ac.uk's message of Fri, 5 Feb 93 10:41:53 GMT <9302051041.AA02110 at nmrpcd.bioch.bioch.ox.ac.uk>

   Dear Tamara,

   Thanks very much for that advice; I did manage to get a nice
   picture of my map.  A couple of questions though - can you adjust
   the scale on the drawing?  My data has width 36, length 36 and
   height 0.5, so it looks a bit on the flat side.  I did alter the
   data so I could get a reasonable picture, but I wondered if I could
   get geomview to do this.  Also, is there some way of getting
   geomview to put some marked axis on, to give the viewer an
   indication of values?

   The situation here is that basically we have none of geomview at
   the moment.  I am sysadmin of the Silicon Graphics machine we have
   at the momennt, and probably of a couple more we'll be getting in
   the future.  I just recently got geomview-only.tar.Z for my own
   personal benefit, but it looks as if it might have a lot of use for
   a lot of other people.  (But if I tell them they'll want to use
   this lovely machine even more!)

   Thanks again,

   Mike Smith

Yes: the mouse-driven scaling is uniform, but you can scale in just
the z direction with an explicit scale command. If you start up the
program with "geomview -c -", geomview will read commands from the
tty. The command "(scale <objectname> 1 1 <zfactor>)" should do it.
The Transformer external module will also let you do this using a
command panel, but that's not included with the geomview-only
distribution. You could grab it separately: it's in transformer.tar.Z.

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