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No Subject

  • To: smlee at ams.sunysb.edu
  • From: fowler
  • Date: Mon, 8 Feb 93 10:18:19 -0600
  • In-Reply-To: Sang-moon Lee's message of Fri, 5 Feb 93 17:47:45 EST <9302052247.AA23567 at ams.sunysb.edu>

Thank you for your note.  I think Geomview could be used for the task
you have in mind.  The easiest way that I can think of to do it would
be to use the polylist data type, which is made by specifying vertices
and then the polygons that connect them.  Your points would be the
vertices, and each connection would be a 2-gon (2-gon's are perfectly
legal in Geomview).  Writing a converter to this data format from
whatever format things are in now would probably be fairly easy, too.


PS  Disregard what I said in my last note about volume visualization -
I had misinterpreted what you were saying.


Date: Fri, 5 Feb 93 17:47:45 EST
From: smlee at ams.sunysb.edu (Sang-moon Lee)
To: fowler at geom

	Dear, Celeste Fowler.
	Hello,  Sang-moon Lee again from SUNY at Stony Brook.
	The goal which I would like to view is shape of "trees", that is, when we calculated slices one by one, we can distingush that 1st slice connect 2nd slice with several cases: 

	 for the specific region; say A.

		first slice 		second slice
	          A			 A region in 1st slice contains 
					 2 regions in 2nd slice.

in picture:
		---A-------B---------     1st slice
		  / \      |
		-c---d-----e---------	  2nd slice

			so on.....

	So, it will build a tree shape of "genus" structure.
	I gave a 2-D example, but please think as 3-D case.
	In 3-D, it should gives vertex(node), branch, and levels.
	So, I made data set that the data contains from 1st slice to last one
	with all the connection with nodes.

	What do you think about the case I have?
	Do you think it will work all right with "geomview"?
	Thank you very much.

					Sincerely yours,

						Sang-moon Lee

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