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saving mode in GeomView

    The easiest way to save the "state" of geomview is to bring up the
"Save" panel (next to last entry in the "MORE PANELS" browser on the
main panel).  It is initially set up to save the entire world (also
known as "g0") in "Commands" format.  Just type a filename in the text
field after the word "in", and hit return.  This will save a geomview
command file containing (almost, :-) everything about your current
session, including the geometry you have loaded.  You can load that
file just like a regular data file (either on the command line or via
the "load" panel).
   If you want something more general, i.e. a command file that just
sets up the lights and material properties, you can edit the file to
suit your needs.  The geomview command language is documented in the
file GEOMROOT/man/cat5/geomview.5, where GEOMROOT is the directory
where you unpacked the geomview distribution.

   By the way, could I come visit you next week?  It so happens that I
will be leaving here in about an hour to visit several labs in Silicon
Valley on a dipolomatic mission to establish stronger connections
between the Geometry Center and the rest of the world.  I would love
to come see what you're doing with geomview and in general what goes
on at Xerox PARC.  Would this be possible?  I have some time available
on Thursday if that's convenient; if not I could arrange to come some
other day.

   I will be in email contact till I leave here at about 3pm today
(1pm your time).  Starting tonight I can be reached at ((555) 555-5555
which is in San Francisco.

Mark Phillips                   email: mbp at geom.umn.edu
The Geometry Center             phone: ((555) 555-5555
Suite 500                       fax:   ((555) 555-5555
1300 South Second Street
Minneapolis, MN  55454

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