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Re: NeXT file extension .list

> Either the Geometry Center or RightBrain (or both) has
> not registered the NeXT file extension ".list".

> In RightBrain's program PasteUp, I asked for a resource
> list and it created a file with the file extension ".list"
> and this then appeared as a list file in the program
> Geomview from the Geometry Center as this is a file
> extension that Geomview claims. 

We have not registered any file extensions at this point - I will do  
so today. Chances are that RightBrain has already registered this  

As far as changing Geomview, I'm afraid all we can do is offer a  
sperate version of Geomview which claims only those file extensions  
which are eventually OK'd by NeXT. This will keep Geomview from  
automatically loading those files with conflicting extensions when  
double clicked from the Workspace or opened from a shell. Any file,  
regardless of extension, can be opened from Geomview's open panel, so  
those files with conflicting extensions can still be read by  
Geomview. This is unfortunate, but we cannot change file extensions  
which have been used here for years without breaking potentially many  

So, I will register those extensions I can, and offer a version which  
claims only those extensions.

As for what can be done now, you can select a file with the .list  
extension, and change the default app for this extension via the  
Tools subpanel of the Workspace Inspector. This only works for the  
current user, I think, so if you want a global fix, let me know and  
I'll get a 'fixed' version to you.

-Scott Wisdom
wisdom at geom.umn.edu

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