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Re: Geomview for NeXT question

Beth Yoon Writes:
> I have your Geomview software and am trying to run it on a
> NeXTstation running 3.0J. I moved the executable files
> to LocalApps and have not changed anything else. The app
> starts ok but when I go to open an object, all I get is the
> spinning disk. How do I load the samples in
> Geomview.app/data/geom? I also get the spinning disk
> when I click the Load button in the geomview panel. 

Hmmm. I can't quite figure out what your problem might be. Did you  
follow the installation instructions in the README file in the  
Geomview.app directory? There are some steps beyond just moving the  
Geomview.app directory to LocalApps.

Even if you did not follow these steps, however, it should not have  
hung. Are you on a network, or a standalone system? If you ARE on a  
network, is the LocalApps directory local or mounted? How about your  
home directory (this *might* be important if you did not follow all  
the installation instructions).

Hopefully, we can figure out what the problem at your site is.

-Scott Wisdom
wisdom at geom.umn.edu

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