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Dear Qiang Zhang,

> 	We would be very appreciative if we could receive a copy of the source 
>	code to achieve some of our particular needs.

Thank you for your note about Geomview.  We are working on the next
release of Geomview, which will include the source code.  It should be
ready within a few days.  We will let you know when it is available.

>	By the way, does the current version (release 1.3.2) of the  code
>	have the capabilty of drawing coutour curves on the three dimensional
>	surfaces?

Do you mean things like level-sets?  If so, Geomview does not directly
provide this capability; it would have to be done by an external
program, or possibly an external module.  In general, the capabilities
of Geomview can be extended by "external modules" which are programs
that users write to taylor Geomview to their particular application.
The new Geomview user's manual, which will be a part of the upcoming
release (a version of the manual is avilable now in the file
pub/geomview/pieces/manual.tar.Z in our ftp directory), has a section
on how to write external modules.

One crude thing you can do in Geomview directly to see something
sort-of like level sets is to set the near clipping plane of the
camera to a distance (try 2.0 or 3.0) that passes through your object,
thereby clipping away that part of the object that is closer than the
clipping plane.  As you move the object (middle mouse button in
Translate mode) back and forth, you see its various cross-sections.

Mark Phillips

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    • geomview
      • From: zhang at ams.sunysb.edu (Qiang Zhang)
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