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maple to oogl?

Sorry for the delay in responding to your message.  Perhaps part of
the problem is that we don't have a good answer, :-(.

> 1. We went for Maple instead of Mathematica and are too poor to buy both.
> How feasible (and easy) would it be to convert Maple 3d graphics to oogl?

Some of our users have written their own Maple->OOGL converters but we
do not yet have one for distribution.  It's my understanding that it
is fairly straightforward.  We will probably come out with one in the
not too distant future, but at the moment we don't have one at all.
In the meantime I'll send a query to the "geomview-users" mailing list
asking if anyone has one they'd like to share.  If you'd like to be
added to that list just let us know.  (I'll let you know in any case
if someone on it mentions a Maple->OOGL converter.)

> 2. I am trying to put together a semi-cheap modeling and rendering
> package for myself. Do you have any recommendations on modeling
> programs for freeform surfaces that can be made to produce oogl Bezier
> surfaces? Or RIB files with NURBS? (I am just learning this stuff--
> please excuse any syntax errors).

I am rather ignorant of modeling tools.  We haven't concentrated on
them because most of our applications involve data generated from some
mathematical description or algorithm.  Sorry.

Mark Phillips

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