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source code

The new release, which includes source, is finally ready. I've added
you to the "geomview-users" mailing list. Here's the recent
message sent out to that list:

Dear Geomview Users:

At long last the next version of Geomview is ready.  This is version
1.4.1.  The distribution includes compiled binaries for SGI IRIS
workstations, NeXT workstations, and 486 PCs running NeXTStep 3.x.  It
also includes source code which will compile on any of the above
machines.  Many thanks to all of you who have been patiently waiting
for the source code.

This release contains many bug fixes and several new features and
external modules.  Another addition is a comprehensive user's manual.

The distribution is available via anonymous ftp on the Internet from
geom.umn.edu.  It's in the subdirectory "pub/software/geomview".  Get
the file README in that directory for details.  Note that this is a
new location in our ftp directory.

We would like to ask each of you who is interested to get this release
as soon as possible and let us know (mail to software@geom.umn.edu) if
you encounter any problems, especially in the installation or
compilation process, or any mistakes in the documentation.  After a
week or so we will try to fix any major problems you tell us about and
will then make a more widely distributed announcement on the net.

This message is being sent to the "geomview-users" mailing list.  If
you get this message and do not want to be on this list, please send a
note to geomview-users-request at geom.umn.edu requesting to be removed
from the list.

We apologize for the low level of activity on this mailing list.  We
will be announcing updates and other items of interest via this list
more often in the future.  We also encourage each of you to use this
list (geomview-users at geom.umn.edu) for messages and/or questions
regarding your use of geomview which may be of interest to other
Geomview users.  One of the purposes of the list is for Geomview users
to have a way of communicating with each other.

Happy Geomviewing,

Mark Phillips
The Geometry Center

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    • source code
      • From: Jianwei Wang <jwang at gauss.engr.umbc.edu>
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