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  • To: rdm at cfcl.com
  • Subject: snappea/evolver/geomview
  • From: mbp
  • Date: Tue, 23 Nov 93 14:55:00 -0600

   Celeste Fowler (who doesn't work here any more) forwarded your
request to distribute Evolver and Snappea on PTF to us.
   I imagine it will be fine, but you should get permission from the
authors directly.  I heard from Ken Brakke (brakke at geom.umn.edu) that
you are already in contact with him.  The author of Snappea is Jeff
Weeks (weeks at geom.umn.edu).

   On another note, we've finally come out with a new version of
Geomview, it's in pub/software/geomview in geom.umn.edu's anonymous
ftp directory.  It would be great if you have a new issue of PTF
coming out soon that you could put it on.  It has substantial
improvements over the previous versions, including:

1. In addition to SGI, it now runs on NeXT workstations and on 486 PCs
   running NeXTStep.

2. It includes a comprehensive manual.

The distribution files are

geomview-sgi.tar.Z:	SGI binary distribution
geomview-next.tar:	NeXTStep binary distribution (fat binary
			  runs on either m68k or i386)
geomview-src.tar.Z:	source distribution

Each of the above contains a copy of the manual in one form or another
(PostScript and/or dvi and/or TeX source).  The manual itself is also
available in pub/software/geomview/pieces/manual.tar.Z; it might be
good to distribute this file as well as the above because it includes
the figure files, which are necessary for viewing or printing the dvi
version.  The figure files are not included in the above distributions.


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