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Geomview make bug: CPU = NeXT

Couple of notes on the latest release:

1) There's a symbolic link which causes 'make' to abort on
a NeXT:

fastcp: Cannot access '/net/DISK.A/src/Geomview/src/bin/geomview/next/English.lproj/Help/rotate.rtfd/rotate.tiff' : No such file or directory
*** Exit 255
steiner: [25]> pwd
steiner: [26]> ls -lt
total 3
l---------  1 gunn          46 Nov 22 15:57 rotate.tiff -> /u/gcg/ngrap/src/bin/geomview/next/rotate.tiff@
-rw-rw-r--  1 gunn        1710 May 20  1993 TXT.rtf

There seems to be other copies of rotate.tiff around, so I just copied
one to replace the link.

2) In Geomview, discrete groups now come up with an incorrect shader: faces
are turned on, which effectively makes it impossible to see
anything -- the default geometry includes a space-filling wireframe copy of
a Dirichlet domain.  This can be fixed by typing 'ax' : revert to previous
appearance.  But if someone doesn't know about this, they'll be
mystified by the situation.

3) I've recompiled libdg (discrete group library) and recompiled
gvx with the new version: it seems to work, and has a couple new
features which are improvements.  I can tar this up and put it
on a machine in MN if this is desired.

4) I've also fixed bugs in src/bin/geomutil/ucd and can tar this
up and deposit it also.

5) As I noted in a previous mail to mark, I'd prefer that maniview
not be included in the source distribution.  I consider it still under
development.  Anyone have any objections to removing it from the
source distribution?  I have a newer version of maniview here which
I'll be glad to contribute to the binary distribution.  


P.S.: The distribution was otherwise easy to install.  Thanks!

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