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Re: Geomview make bug: CPU = NeXT

Hi, Charlie!

> 1) There's a symbolic link which causes 'make' to abort on
> a NeXT:
> l---------  1 gunn          46 Nov 22 15:57 rotate.tiff -> /u/gcg/ngrap/src/bin/geomview/next/rotate.tiff@

Oops.  Thanks, now fixed.

> 2) In Geomview, discrete groups now come up with an incorrect shader: faces
> are turned on, which effectively makes it impossible to see
> anything -- the default geometry includes a space-filling wireframe copy of
> a Dirichlet domain.  This can be fixed by typing 'ax' : revert to previous
> appearance.  But if someone doesn't know about this, they'll be
> mystified by the situation.

I don't understand -- is this when discrete groups are loaded via maniview,
or when you just run geomview with a .dgp object manually?  I tried a couple 
of these -- fig8.dgp and good_klein_quick.dgp -- and saw no faces.

> 3) I've recompiled libdg (discrete group library) and recompiled
> gvx with the new version: it seems to work, and has a couple new
> features which are improvements.  I can tar this up and put it
> on a machine in MN if this is desired.

> 4) I've also fixed bugs in src/bin/geomutil/ucd and can tar this
> up and deposit it also.


> 5) As I noted in a previous mail to mark, I'd prefer that maniview
> not be included in the source distribution.  I consider it still under
> development.  Anyone have any objections to removing it from the
> source distribution?  I have a newer version of maniview here which
> I'll be glad to contribute to the binary distribution.  

Oh -- sorry -- I didn't know you were still working on it.  OK, it
won't go out with future source distributions.  (I made some small changes,
e.g. file browsing for the Load panel -- did you get those?)

> 	Charlie

> P.S.: The distribution was otherwise easy to install.  Thanks!

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