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Re: geomview.1.4.1

Ohhhh.  Appearance varies with point of view?  That tends to happen if the
shape contains non-planar polygons -- could that be the case?
MESH objects can actually deal with non-planar quadrilateral facets, since
they're really drawn by splitting each facet into two triangles (so if the
facets aren't planar you see a corrugated surface, but at least it's a 
well-defined one).  But OFF and QUAD objects don't do this -- they just feed
the polygons to GL, which draws them differently depending on the point
of view.

Anyway, I'll look forward to seeing your example.

> From luciole!babar at uunet.UU.NET Tue Nov 30 23:44:12 1993
> Date: Tue, 30 Nov 93 21:35:53 PST
> From: luciole!babar at uunet.UU.NET (Jean-Pierre Hebert)
> To: uunet!geom.umn.edu!slevy at uunet.UU.NET
> Subject: Re: geomview.1.4.1
> 1. So, I will ftp a problem image FORSLEVY.sgi.Z
> (which tells how to bring it up) in your "incoming" directory.
> This problem happens more
> 	-if the number of polygons gets huge,
> 	-if the camera size is enlarged and the image zoomed-in.
> and it is mostly obnoxious when animation are concerned as the defect remains
> present but has an unstable appearance from view to view. It might result from
> an accuracy problem (in intersections?)as it might happen more in rather flat 
> areas of a surface.
> So you will see.
> 2. A cosmetic problem in the manual: the compilation
> of the three examples is set after your local file system and should
> instead refer to the ${GEOMVIEW}/... directories.
> 	Jean-Pierre

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