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Re: geomview.1.4.1

  • To: babar at smith.com
  • Subject: Re: geomview.1.4.1
  • From: slevy
  • Date: Thu, 25 Nov 93 12:57:19 -0600

> 1. the mma target directory comments are not that clear,
> and the default ${GEOM}/mathematica does not exist

OK, the next release will have a better discussion.
${GEOM}/mathematica should be automatically created when the files are
placed there -- did you actually get an error with this?

> 2. there is no guideline on upgrading from previous 
> version which would have been helpful when the structure 
> of the distribution and the location of files change 
> as they did.

Sigh.  This would be hard to do. 

> 3. a  high numbers of polygons brings in obnoxious patterns
> of blank pixels looking like particles collision plates.
> this could well have been already present under 1.3.2

Could you explain that?  I'm trying to guess what you might be seeing...

> 4. how can the untared, installed Geomview files need so
> much space ? what can be cleaned after install to save some 
> disk space ?

We really need a useful "make clobber".  Meanwhile, you can type
(from inside the top-level Geomview directory)

	find src/bin -size +100 -mtime -10 -print | xargs rm -f

to remove the executables from the source directories, saving 30 MB or so,
and maybe also

	make clean

to remove all the object files, saving another two or three megabytes.
(You could also remove the entire src/* tree if you wish, since it
won't actually be used while you're running geomview and company.)

> all in all:
> bravo geomview 1.4.1 !!!
> jean-pierre hebert


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