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Geomview, NeXT version

> If I load more than one object in, and I use the appearence panel to
> color them in different colors, as soon as I switch the target back to
> "world", the colors disappear and everything is colored in world
> color.

Thank you for pointing this out!  Amazingly, we had not noticed it

Stuart and I just spend some time trying to track down this problem,
and it looks like it might take some more work.  In the meantime, we
found a workaround: It turns out that if you deselect the color well
before switching targets, then the color sticks to the object
permanently.  A color well is selected if it's rectangular border is
white; you select and deselect by clicking on this border.  It's
somewhat of a nuisance to have to do this after changing the color
every time, but at least it works.  We'll definitely fix this before
the next release, and we may be able to release a patch to deal with
it before then.

By the way, I'm going to forward this question (just the question, not
your whole message) and its answer to the geomview-users mailing list,
since it may be of interest to other Geomview users.  I noticed that
you're not on that list.  Would you like to be?  It's used for
Geomview users to communicate with each other, and for us to make


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