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[roseman at dimension4.math.uiowa.edu: Geomview]

  • To: software, am at geom
  • Subject: [roseman at dimension4.math.uiowa.edu: Geomview]
  • From: mbp
  • Date: Sun, 12 Dec 93 12:13:03 -0600


Date: Sun, 12 Dec 93 09:30:32 -0600
From: Dennis Roseman <roseman at dimension4.math.uiowa.edu>
To: register at geom
Subject: Geomview

I don't have time at the moment to give an extensive report about my  
use of geomview.  (I've got to wrap up the semester and I have a lot  
of research going as well.)

I do have a lot to say on the subject.  Basically, using geomview one  
can graphically demonstrate interesting and useful information about  
knotted surfaces in four-dimensional space.  Just a few days ago I  
gave a talk (the joint AMS SMM meeting in Merida, Mexico) on the  
topic "The mathematical utility of visualizing surfaces in four  
dimensions".  I could well have titled it "The mathematical utility  
of geomview in visualizing surfaces in four dimensions"  

 geomview is a central tool in what I do and I use it (at least)  
several times each day.  

I have made two videos entirely using geomview.  The latest one, done  
this summer is 19 minutes long, uses geomview in many different ways  
(real time interactively, using scripts, using animations, rendering  
stills and using as single frames, etc) using many of the modules  
(4dview, warp, animator).  

I am doing calculations involving (knotted) surfaces in  
four-dimensional space.  I usually use it on NextStep.  But I also  
use it on an SGI machine that I have access to (or the machines at  
the Center when I'm there.) 

(I am also planning on using geomview next semester for a calculus  
class I will be teaching.)

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