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Applying geomview


I'm a new user of geomview and have just discovered my first application
for it. I will give more specific details of the application later, when
I'm ready to publish.

The application will involve geomview in displaying a rather large
high-resolution 3D plane graph (a function of 2 variables) and making
it possible to view it in any way the user chooses. Now my question is
this: do you have any experience on how it's best to have the user be able
to interact with a part of the graph? One option is to create a window
in my program displaying the same data in 2D, showing the points of interest
which can then be clicked on but I'm not sure if this is optimal.
(the graph will have some specific 'points of interest').

It is very important to be able to see clearly the details of the graph
as well as the general picture.

Is geomview the right tool for this?

On another note, have you heard about tcl+tk? It's a much easier way
to build motifesque interfaces than motif itself and it's totally,
wholly public domain (under BSD copyright). For me, geomview would be
a far more useful application if it were under Tcl so it could be easily
extended (Tcl is an interpretive language which eliminates the need for
recompiles most of the time.) Just some of the main widgets (the camera
window etc.) would have to be defined in C.


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