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[tjl at sidos.Helsinki.FI: Re: Applying geomview]

  • To: software
  • Subject: [tjl at sidos.Helsinki.FI: Re: Applying geomview]
  • From: mbp
  • Date: Mon, 3 Jan 94 17:59:08 -0600

	I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "interacting with a part of the
	graph".  Do you mean viewing just a section of it, while the rest is
	invisible, or do you want the user to actually be able to change the
	data?  If you just want to allow viewing of sections of it, with other
	sections invisible, one very easy way would be to just load the
	various sections as separate objects into geomview, and turn both face
	edge drawing off for all but the relevant piece.  If you want to try
	this and have questions about how, let me know.  Having the user
	actually modify the data is also possible but a bit more awkward.

I meant interact in the sense that the user could press a point on the
graph and my application would be informed of this.

Anyway, I just today discovered that I had reinvented something someone else
had done earlier so this project's off my priority list.. but now that I've
learned to use geomview (btw: into the modules -section of the manual, a good
hint: define a module with the command 'cat -b pipename' where -b is the
option for no buffering and pipename is a named pipe, and it's suddenly
very easy to do module programming from an interactive shell like tcl+tk.
Just open the fd for writing in the program and off you go), I'll be able
to grab it when the time comes.

BTW: there seem to be some problems with hidden surface removal on my
sparcstation IPC: for example the cross is displayed all wrong sometimes
(that is, at the points where the surfaces connect).

	Thanks for the suggestion about tcl+tk, by the way.  I've heard of it
	but have not yet used it.  If/when we do a major reworking of Geomview
	we'll definitely consider it.

It's definitely worth a very thorough consideration. It makes app development
so easy.. All you'd need to do for geomview would be a single widget, the
camera. The rest would be easy code like
button .b -command "gv_show" -text "Show"
pack .b -side top


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