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A Problem with Geomview

I've started to use Geomview recently, since it was installed on one of the
Indigo's I regularly use. Since them I've obtained the latest version (1.4.1)
and installed it on another machine.
I'm having some trouble with the colours that objects are displayed in.
On loading, a geometry file is initially displayed in shades of one colour
(often red), even though bounding boxes shold be yellow, faces white etc.
If I rotate the objects everything is displayed in shades of dark green.
Also sometimes the viewing window just isn't updated and nothing is drawn!

If I use this installation on a second machine everything is displayed
perfectly, as is the case when using the older version (1.2.??) on the
first machine.

The problem machine is an Indigo, 32Mb RAM, Entry graphics.
The machine running the older version of geomview is the same except that it
only has 16Mb RAM.
The third machine has an Elan Graphics board.

Can you suggest anything that might be wrong here, and is there a cure?

I initially installed the SGI binaries only package, and then obtained the
sources to recompile for my machine, neither was successful.

I hope you can help, and that this made some sense,


Graham Jones.
(graham at robots.ox.ac.uk)

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