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Re: dumb question

  • To: hanson at cs.indiana.edu (Andrew J. Hanson)
  • Subject: Re: dumb question
  • From: slevy
  • Date: Tue, 18 Jan 94 14:54:45 -0600

Oh, righto -- to simulate the SGI middle mouse on a Next, use alt-leftmouse.
(For reference, I think this is mentioned in the Next-Help blurbs for
the different motion modes.)

Module installation: the current scheme is to read all the
file existing in the modules directory (normally .../Geomview.app/modules/next).
Each one normally contains an "(emodule-define xxx ...)" command for a single
module, mentioning an executable which typically (but not necessarily)
also lives in that directory.

The main system geomview file, in case you want to change that also/instead,
is ".../Geomview.app/geomview.gv".

[We haven't had much snow, just enough to look nice, but it's been very cold
here too!]

> From hanson at cs.indiana.edu Mon Jan 17 16:07:19 1994
> From: hanson at cs.indiana.edu (Andrew J. Hanson)
> Date: Mon, 17 Jan 1994 17:07:16 EST
> To: slevy at geom
> Subject: dumb question
> Stuart-
>   We are going to be running geomview in my Scientific Visualization
> seminar lab this week, and we unfortunately have only a NeXT cluster
> that can accommodate the class.  The NeXT version is different from
> the familiar SGI version in several ways, but the only thing I
> haven't figured out so far is how to move an object in z:  it seems
> to expect use of a nonexistent middle mouse button (which is what
> does z motion on the SGI's).  Any  hints?
>   Also, I can't seem to find the default .geomview file or whatever
> is now used to add extra modules to your startup.  Is anything changed
> on the NeXT, or do we just clone the SGI version and try to get the
> paths set correctly??
>   Thanks!  (We just got a whopper of snowstorm, following two days
> of -15, which is COLD for this neck of the woods - how's the weather
> in the North Country?)
>    -Andy

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