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some problems finding 'math2oogl' on remote machine

  • To: slevy at geom
  • Subject: some problems finding 'math2oogl' on remote machine
  • Date: Wed, 2 Feb 1994 20:29:30 -0500 (EST)
  • In-Reply-To: <9402022325.AA09231 at euclid.geom.umn.edu> from "slevy at geom.umn.edu" at Feb 2, 94 05:25:01 pm


I think I'm confused about something.

In the patched OOGL.m file, which now resides on the DEC RISC machine, it says
to do one of the following:

	If you want to be able to use this package from a directory other
	than the geomview distribution directory, or if you want to be able to
	run it from a remote host, then
	   ensure that the programs
		"geomview", "math2oogl", "togeomview", and "oogl2rib"
	   are in your search path (e.g. copy them to /usr/local/bin),


	  - Change the value of $GeomviewPath below to be the absolute pathname
		of the "geomview" shell script on your system and
	  - Change the value of $GeomRoot below to be the absolute pathname
		of the geomview distribution directory on your system.

	The first alternative is preferred when possible.

	(* $GeomviewPath = "/u/geom/bin/geomview"; *)
	(* $GeomRoot = "/u/gcg/ngrap"; *)
	$GeomviewPath = "geomview";
	$GeomRoot = ".";

The first alternative won't work for the "triad" problem we e-mailed about.
Following the next alternative, I changed the GeomviewPath and GeomRoot to,

	$GeomviewPath = "/a/grouchy/root/home/user1/jvillaci/sv";
	$GeomRoot = "/a/greatwhite/root/usr/local/graphics/geomview";

Both paths are reachable when doing an rsh from the DEC RISC, so Mathematica
*should* be able to see them.  Then I logged into the Sun4 machine and went
into the "geomview" script file, located in the GeomviewPath, and changed the
GEOMROOT line to,

Lastly, I got into mathematica (via "math", not the notebook), on the DEC RISC
and here is what happened:

	Mathematica 2.2 for DEC RISC
	Copyright 1988-93 Wolfram Research, Inc.
	scs0: Invalid argument
	scs0: Invalid argument
	 -- Motif graphics initialized --

	In[1]:= << ~/sv/OOGL.m
	Warning: the program 'math2oogl' is not on your search path,

	>   /usr7/math/Bin/Display:/usr7/math/Bin:/usr4/jvillaci/bin:/usr/local/bin:/\

	>    usr/ucb:/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/new:/usr/bin/X11:.

	the Mathematica->geomview graphics package won't be able to work;
	 change the value of $Geomroot in OOGL.m, or ensure that the math2oogl\

	>   programs
	 are installed somewhere on your search path.


My question is this:  does "math2oogl" have to reside on the machine which runs
mathematica, or can it run on the machine running geomview?  If it is the former,
then how can I obtain a copy of the file which will run on a DEC RISC?  If it is
the latter, then is there some way of "piping" the mathematica output to 
"math2oogl" first, and then passing that on to geomview?

Ok, that's all I can think of right now.  Sorry if this is a wee too verbose, but
hopefully it is clearer where the problem may lie.

Thanks again for you help Stuart!


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