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Do you have the most recent copy of both the converter and the manual,
namely Geomview 1.4.1, released 11/16/93?  What happens when you try
using the "WriteChunk" function, transferring the resulting file to
the SGI, and then running the "math2oogl" program yourself as below?
Has math2oogl been installed on your system so that it is in your
shell path?

Tamara Munzner          The Geometry Center

Transporting Mathematica Files to Geomview by Hand

The auxilliary function `WriteChunk' is for those who can only use
Mathematica on a non-Unix machine (Mac, PC) or a Unix machine that is
not on a network with an SGI or NeXT.  `WriteChunk[FILE, GRAPHICS]'
generates a file named FILE which contains the graphics object GRAPHICS
in the format accepted by `math2oogl'.

You can transfer that file to a computer that has Geomview installed on
it and then use the programs `math2oogl', `oogl2rib', and
`geomview' directly from the shell.  These programs are distributed
in the `bin/sgi' (on SGIs) or `bin/next' (on NeXTs)
subdirectory of the Geomview directory, and may have been installed so
that they are on your `path'. 

     In[1]:= <<OOGL.m

     In[2]:= Plot3D[ Sin[x + Sin[y]], {x,-2,2}, {y,-2,2} ]

     Out[2]= -SurfaceGraphics-

     In[3]:= WriteChunk["mychunk",%2]
This writes the file `mychunk' which contains a description
of the graphics object.  You can then transfer this file to an SGI or
NeXT and type
     math2oogl < mychunk > mma.oogl
to convert it to the OOGL file `mma.oogl' which you can then view
using Geomview. This is the equivalent of the `WriteOOGL' command. 

For a result equivalent to the `Geomview' or `Show'
commands, type
     math2oogl -togeomview Mathematica geomview < mychunk

The `WriteRIB' command can be emulated from the shell as
     math2oogl < mychunk | oogl2rib -n mma.tiff

  • References:
    • help
      • From: Jun Zhang <zhang at math.gwu.edu>
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