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geomview question

Hi, I have a question about geomview.  I am using geomview to look at an
animation of a person.  Presently I have 70 or so OOGL formatted OFF
files for the entire animation.  My problem is that I would like to
interactively change the color of the clothing, skin, shoes, etc. for
the person.  The person is made up of approximately 2500 triangles which
each have their own color in the OFF file.  Right now, for example, 
my person has a green shirt, peach (sort of!) skin and blue shoes.  If I want
to change the color of the shirt to, say yellow, the whole person turns
yellow.  I would like to be able to select just the shirt or just the shoes
and change their color.  Now, reading the Geomview manual, I think I want
to make the shoes, the shirt, etc. all different goems and somehow put them
together in a LIST file.  Does this seem like the best way to do this to you?
I have never worked with LIST files, but I'm hoping that this is a way i can
interactively and independently control the color of the different "parts"
of my person.  I have a WAVEFRONT format file which tells me the "group"
each set of 3 vertices belong to (like shirt, shorts, shoes).  I believe (Hope!)
I can use this to make a LIST file which consists of a bunch of OFF formatted
geoms.  Am I going about this correctly?  Do you have any experience with this 
sort of problem (I expect you do).  Any help you can offer would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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