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Re: Observations on Geomview for X 1.4.1 beta

> We'll certainly keep them in mind for the next batch of refinements,
> whenever that is, :-).

Yep, I know how that can be... *grin*

>    In the meantime, we've been getting some email from people asking
> if we have any experience with Geomview under linux.  If we get any
> more such questions do you mind if we put the senders in touch
> with you and/or forward their mail to you?

I could take a stab at linux questions if you want.  However, I would
think that most of the questions would be general to the X version of
geomview.  Perhaps I'm misunderstanding you...

Here's a problem that people will run into if they have compiled
evolver with geomview support on any little-endian machine.  Evolver
by default dumps binary OOGL files with the wrong byte order (it dumps
in native format, geomview expects most significant byte first).
Doing a "GV_BINARY off" command makes everything work, albiet slower.
Will any of the geomview modules be caught by this type of problem
when/if they are ported?

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