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No Subject

I am confused. Here's the problem as I understand it.  
     I am trying to get Geomview graphics from Mathematica.  I wrote a short
mathematica program to create twenty spheres at the vertices of a dodecahedron,
then modified the Geomview picture by coloring the spheres.  Then I saved the
picture using the "Commands" option, for "World" in a file.  I repeated this
procedure and created a separate file for the edge-graph of a dodecahedron.  (By
the way, I did all computations in mathematica for each of the spheres and the
edges, using the same set of coordinates for the 20 vertices.)  After both files
were created , I went to mathematica, said Show[Graphics3D[]] to get the
Geomview screen, and then loaded (from Geomview) each of the two files, 
expecting to see the edge-graph of the dodecahedron with 20 small spheres 
centered at the vertices, nicely colored.  What appears instead is a set of
20 spheres INSIDE the dodecahedron, with the edge graph of the dodecahedron
forming outer tangents to the spheres.  (It seems to me that this means that
the bounding box for each file is the same size, instead of their being somewhat
different sizes as they should be.)
NOW for the interesting part.  I repeated the same procedure, as exactly as my
poor typing would allow, modifying the spheres program ONLY by changing the 
radius to half of what it was before, and instead of creating all 20 spheres,
I created only 5 of them (their centers didn't happen to be coplanar).  When the
final picture came up in Geomview this time, the 5 spheres are nicely centered
on their respective vertices, and the 2 bounding boxes, one for the spheres, and
one for the edge-graph, are distinct, as they should be.
I would be happy to send you whatever details might help in deciphering this.
Thanks in advance for any light you shed on this.
Dick Bourgin

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