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scaling of objects?

I cannot determine if the problem with my results is found in the
coord->NOFF conversion, or if geomview is doing something puzzling. I have
two noff objects that I read in - the left atrium and ventricle, and the
right atrium and ventricle. These two objects should fit together perfectly,
but there is significant overlap. I suspected that perhaps the tesselization
routine might be causing the problem, but it is unlikely that it could be
generating problems to such a degree. The bounding boxes of each object has
the same height, even though I know they should not. Does Geomview
arbitrarily scale multiple objects for any reason? 

   puzzled, yet amazingly pleased with the product

Steve Franklin
franklin at ug.cs.dal.ca

p.s. I'm not sure if I have given you background yet for our uses of
Geomview. We are currently using the package to visualize the blood masses
within and near the heart. We are using this data to study the propagation
of current from the heart to the surface of the torso. Measuring the surface
potential map, we can identify and isolate myocardial infarctions, and other
cardiac complications. As I am currently generating a 3-dimensional model, I
need a viewing utility which will effectively let me carry out
quality-control as I digitize. Geomview surpasses my expectations in this,
giving me an excellent view of what I"m working with.

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