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Re: geomview

> i've been using geomview for a couple of weeks now, and its come in very 
> handy. sometime in the near future, i will need to display a 
> volume-rendered image in a window, and superpose a wireframe image on top 
> of that, with interactive input. i can't see that this can be done using 
> gcl since it does not provide a background pixmap facility (or something 
> of this sort). any suggestions welcome.

I'm not sure what to suggest here, short of suggesting that you hack
the Geomview code to allow specifying an arbitrary image for the
camera background.

> also, i run geomview on a remote ss10 due to storage tightness. the 
> X-connection is a major bottleneck (CPU only about 15%). we have a few 
> local SGIs (Indigos upgraded to 150MHz R4400). if there are sufficiently 
> strong reasons (i.e. more functionality than sparc version), i can 
> approach the sysadmins. again any suggestions welcome.

The SGI version of Geomview will run several orders of magnitude
faster than the X version does, especially with a remote display.  In
addition to increased speed, the SGI version is actually better than
the X version --- at present the X version draws things (e.g.
overlapping polygons) incorrectly in many cases.  We're currently
working on fixing that, but fixing it will slow the X version down
even more.  In general, if you have an SGI, use it!

Mark Phillips

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