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Questions about Geomview

>   1. What kinds of computer are available for the Geomview software?

Geomview runs on 
	1. SGI workstations
	2. Sun workstations running X windows
	3. other Unix workstations running X windows (HP, Dec, etc)
	4. NeXT workstations
	5. 486 PCs running the NeXTStep operating system
	6. 486 PCs running Linux (a version of Unix) and X windows

By far the best performance is on the SGI.  If your main purpose
for getting a machine would be to run Geomview, I would strongly
recommend getting an SGI, if at all possible.

Performance on other Unix workstations (HP, Dec) is next best,
although that version of Geomview (the X windows version) is presently
not as good as the SGI version; we're currently working on it and hope
to have a better implementation by sometime in the fall.

>   1. How large disk drive and how large memory we need in minimum?

You need between 10 and 20 megabytes of disk space to hold the
Geomview program itself and its example data files.  We distribute
binary versions for SGI, Sun, and NeXTStep.  For any other
configuration you need to get the source code and compile it yourself,
which will require up to 80 megabytes during the compilation process.

I'm not sure how much memory is necessary, but I would guess that
16 megabytes is a minimum.

Mark Phillips
Geometry Center

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