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Questions about Geomview

Hallo Geomview Center

I study informatics at the university of Erlangen (Germany).
In this summer semester I have a seminar about 'visualization'.
The aim of this is to have a overview of the important programs for viewing and manipulating
geometric objects, e.g. programms which leading the market as Iris Explorer, SciAn, 
IBM Dataexplorer, VolVis/VIS-5D, Wavefront Data Visualizer, AVS and a little bit smaller, kind 
of special programs as Geomview, ISVAS/FAST, Grape or Khoros.
Each member of the seminar talk about one program in his presentation divided in areas of use,
supported data structures and file formats, perhaps some algorithms and modules implemented,
at least the quality of the userinterface and documentation.
My area of responsibility is presentating Geomview. I use the version 1.4.1 on a Silicon Graphics
So I have some questions to complete my work, hope to get a answer very quickly:
1) Does Geomview runs only on platforms as SGI, NeXT or are there other ones?
2) Does Geomview use hardware-support e.g. for Rendering?
3) Is it possible to make a video?
4) Do you know in which areas Geomview take place of using?
5) Does a newsgroup of 'visualization' exists, from which I can get further informations about
6) What does the program costs for one person (or a license of some people)?
Thanks for your help
Michael Blank

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