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Re: Questions about Geomview

> 1) Does Geomview runs only on platforms as SGI, NeXT or are there other ones?

There's also a generic X/Motif version, currently in beta-release form.
It's been compiled for Suns, RS/6000's, HP's under HP-UX, Linux, and
probably others.  With luck a better version should be out by the end of the

> 2) Does Geomview use hardware-support e.g. for Rendering?

On the SGI and Next versions, yes.  On the X version, no, all rendering is in
software (it just uses 2-D polygon graphics, doesn't depend on e.g. PEX).

> 3) Is it possible to make a video?

Yes, in a couple of ways.  We make live videos directly from the screen;
geomview includes a command to switch the monitor mode between normal and
television scan rates.  Also, geomview can be programmed to take image-file
snapshots of its graphics windows, so one could assemble a single-frame
animation using geomview scripts.

> 4) Do you know in which areas Geomview take place of using?

Lots.  We've seen it used in applications from computational geometry,
to robotics, to chemistry and molecular biology, and even occasionally in
mathematics, which was the community we intended it for!

> 5) Does a newsgroup of 'visualization' exists, from which I can
>    get further informations about Geomview?

There's a mailing list "geomview-users at geom.umn.edu", but there is almost
no activity on it, so might as well answer No.  You could pick up its
documentation, though: take the source distribution,
pub/software/geomview/geomview-src.tar.Z, by anonymous FTP from geom.umn.edu.
It contains the geomview manual in the "doc" directory.

> 6) What does the program costs for one person (or a license of some people)?

It's free, and freely redistributable.

> Thanks for your help Michael Blank

Thanks for your interest!

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