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[franklin at ug.cs.dal.ca: Transformation of World Coordinates]

X-Mailer: ELM [version 2.3 PL11]

   I'm hoping you can help me with a small problem I am having. I am hoping
to transform the coordinates of several objects within one World. We have
the atria, ventricles, and pericardium of a heart (each different off
files), and I am hoping that there might be an easy way to transform the
geometry of these... You see, each object has an origin of approximately 
-120,-160,40, and I'd like the center to be somewhere around 0,0,0. Not only
do I want to change the origin to there, but more importantly I'd like to
save the off file to my new coordinates. Is Geomview capable of this? I have
tried using transformer, and I translate and rotate until I get within the
vicinity of where I want to be. But, all it seems to do is move me within
that area. I can't seem to shift my origin to there, and then recompute all
coordinates with respect to my new origin. Another individual also suggested
that I use anytooff, but since I'm starting with off, I'm not sure how that
would help me...

   Any ideas you might have on this topic would certainly be appreciated.

Steve Franklin
franklin at ug.cs.dal.ca

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