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Re: Motif for Linux and Geomview

On Tue, 19 Jul 1994, Craig Oda wrote:

> I read about your fine program on the wired VRML mailing
> list.   It looked good so I installed the binary on one
> of our Next machines at work.  I tested out some of your
> examples and was intrigued.  

Greant.  We like it when people feel intrigued about our software.  Have 
you checked out our WebOOGL page?  It's at:   


> I want to install Geomview on a few machines running Linux
> 1.1.23 and later patch levels.  None of the machines are running
> Motif right now.  If necessary, I will buy Motif, but wanted to
> know if you could recommend a version of Motif so that I can
> be sure to run Geomview on it.  Particuarly, the e-mail address of the
> source for Motif for Linux would be helpful.  

I have a file that I keep this type of information around.  It is 
appended at the end of the message.  I actually own the metrolink version 
of Motif, and it works fine.  I bought it in late May, and haven't had 
much chance to play with it yet.  But here is the information anyway.

> If Geomview can be run without Motif, it would be very interesting
> because this would mean that people could have a dirt cheap platform
> for your viewer.

There has been talk about other toolkits, and in fact, since we are an 
educational institution, we are allowed, under Motif Licence, to 
distribute statically linked binary versions of Geomview.  I do not know, 
however, whether we have plans to do so.  Mark Phillip (mbp at geom) would 
have a better answer for that.

Geomview/X11 is undergoing heavy development, and the performance of it 
is improving greatly as we speak.  We can expect a fairly robust version 
with better Z-buffering and shading by the end of the summer.


** <a href="http://www.geom.umn.edu/people/chi.html"></a> **
** email addr-- ehhchi at epx.cis.umn.edu (general)          **
**              chi at geom.umn.edu       (WebOOGL, math)    **
**              chi at lenti.med.umn.edu  (Bio related)      **
** Dumping messy-dos, running Linux!--Ask me about Linux! **

Here is the info you requested:

Note that here at the Geometry Center, we actually compiled our own Motif 
Libraries for Linux, and thus have no affliations with any of the 
companies mentioned below.


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