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[Closed REQ 5007]: A bug ?

> I just installed Geomview on our Sun4 systems. I find that the library
> "$GEOMROOT/lib" is in general missing. I realized this while trying to 
> compile example2.c in the manual, when I got the error message:
> /usr/local/Geomview/include/forms.h: 28: Can't find include file gl/gl.h

The $GEOMROOT/lib directory is included only with the source distribution.
It isn't in the binary distribution.

The manual is written for the SGI version.  In particular, the FORMS
and GL libraries work only on SGIs, so they aren't relevant for Suns.

In order to write interactive modules with menus & buttons etc on a
Sun you need to use some other interface toolkit, such as Motif or
TCL/TK.  Unfortunately we have not had time to write up any examples
of how to do this, so you'll be on your own as far as the interface
goes.  The examples in the manual, even though you can't run them on a
Sun, may still be useful in showing you how a module can interact with

> The file DISTLIST.all curiously had some files that didnt appear
> when I untarred the source code. 

Sorry about this.  The Sun version of Geomview that we are
distributing is still very preliminary.  We're working on a more
complete version which should be ready this fall.


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