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[ REQ 5015]: animation in geomview under NeXT

dear people,

it's very kind of you, not only to offer really professional software  
for free, but also to help with problems. Now, we do/did have some  
problems with version 1.4.1 on a next 3.2 (intel) machine. First of  
all, it took me hours to find out, that at the very end of an  
off-file there must be an empty line (or cr). Is that a bug or just a  
feature? Now I would like to make an animation, if possible 'by  
hand'. The only way I can imagine is to load and delete all objects I  
want to show. But there is an animation module included...and I could  
not find out, how to make it work. Unfortunately nothing is in the  
manual. Furthermore, I thought it should be possible to save all the  
objects (output of my program) in one file, for example with the LIST  
command, but it doesn't work neither, and I could not find an example  
in the manual. How do I have to write a number of polytops in one  
file, but to be able to show each one seperately one after/besides  
the other?
Is there an improved version for NeXT or for HP-PA 712 or 735?

Thank you very much.
Benno Bueeler, 

e-mail: bueeler at ifor.math.ethz.ch
Institute for Operations Research, Swiss Federale School of  

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