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[ REQ 5069]: SGI binary distribution


Normally, I wouldn't trouble you with this, but I'm in a real tight for time.
I am a sysadmin w/ the College or Architecture at Texas A&M.  We have
agreed to let Prof. Jon Pitts of the Dept. of Math use a laboratory of 35
Indigos for a presentation to the A&M Math Society this Thursday.  

Dr. Pitts provided me w/ the SGI distribution.  I don't really have time to
perform a complete build right now.  Anyway, executing the install script
provided yields:

--------- excerpt of install output

NOTE: the installation process will overwrite any existing Geomview
files which are already in these directories.

Is this correct? [Y/n] y

Installing ...
make: fopen: makefiles/Makedefs.global: No such file or directory

Geomview installation complete.

A record of this installation is in the file "install.log"

--------- end of excerpt

So, the install script calles make, but all the makefiles aren't in the
binary distribution.  Normally, I'd hack the script, but I'm all of this
strictly as a favor to the Math Dept. and, therfore, it falls to the bottom
in terms of priority.

If you have a quick fix for this (i.e. a script that performs the install
in /usr/local dirs), I would appreciate it.  If you can't do this, I
understand.  However, I probably won't be able to install the software
before Thursday.


 Mark Kirk		           |  Office   :  Langford A400A
 College of Architecture           |  Voice    :  ((555) 555-5555
 Texas A&M University	           |  FAX      :  ((555) 555-5555
 College Station, TX 77843-3137    |  Email    :  mark-kirk at tamu.edu 

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