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[ REQ 5083]: postscript manual file


	I have recently had the delight of discovering your Geoview
package on the network.  I have downloaded it onto my Iris workstation 
and have successfully installed it.  The only trouble I am having is in 
trying to obtain a hard copy of the manual.  The geomview.ps file which 
came with the original distribution gave me errors when I attempted to 
either print it or display it on a previewer.  

	I then used the anonymous ftp to download the manuals from 
'manual.tar.Z'.  After uncompressing this I obtained a new version of the 
geomview.ps file, but this also would not print.

	Visual examination of the file indicates that it is not grossly 
distrupted.  It appears to be a normal ASCII postscript file.  The error 
seems to be in one of the 'rmoveto' commands.  I am not an expert in the 
postscript language so I have not been able to decipher any more.

	Just to make sure I had not made a mistake, I went through the 
whole process of downloading the files again.  Still I got the same 

	Am I doing something wrong?  Every thing else besides the 
postscript file seems to have downloaded correctly.  I have been able to 
start the program and view some of the examples.  Is it possible that the 
file on umn's server has become disrupted?  Is there another source 
from where 
I could obtain the files?  All I need is the printer ready .ps file.

Aside from this small problem, the rest of the installation went 
smoothly.  I am quite impressed by the package.  I had thought about 
doing some of this type of work myself for a project I am working on, but 
Geomview is much more sophisticated than anything I could have come up 
with.  I am glad I found it before I had put in much work developing my 
own code.  

Keep up the good work.

David Churchill, Ph.D.
Department of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation
University of Vermont
Burlington, VT 05405

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