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[ REQ 5006]:

 >When translating mathematica graphics
 >who designs are points connected by lines, to geomview, it seems that
 >geomview neglects to copy the plotted points leaving only the lines.

Sorry to take so long to answer your question. In fact, points are
duly converted into Geomview format, but the "PointSize" directive is
ignored. Thus, you were probably seeing only single-pixel points,
which are nearly invisible. You can simulate the effect of the
Mathematica PointSize specifier by manually setting a large linewidth
on the Geomview Appearance panel. (Linewidths greater than 1 were not
supported in the beta version of X-Geomview but are supported in the
new 1.5 full release. They have always been supported in the SGI

In the Mathematica->OOGL converter, only the `SurfaceGraphics',
`Polygon', `Line', and `RGBColor' directives are currently supported.
It silently ignores all other information. (It wouldn't be too hard to
deal with more of the commands, but we just haven't had time to do so.
Some people at Swarthmore have been expanding the converter to
correctly interpret almost all of the Mathematica graphics directive,
but their modifications are part of a larger project and may not be
easily modularizable. Still, if you're interested, I could put you in
touch with them.)

Hope this helps,
Tamara Munzner		The Geometry Center	     ((555) 555-5555
munzner at geom.umn.edu    http://www.geom.umn.edu/people/munzner.html

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