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Re: [Update REQ 5162]: question

  • To: software@geom
  • Subject: Re: [Update REQ 5162]: question
  • From: "Stuart Levy" <slevy>
  • Date: Fri, 2 Dec 94 11:55:24 -0600

> I have only one problem that I can not use "printf" and "scanf" in my program 
> because one connects with geomview using "printf".
> Is their any other way to connect with geomview ?

Yes.  When you start an external module from geomview,
although the module's standard-input and standard-output are attached to
pipes from geomview, the module still has access to the terminal
via standard error (file descriptor 2).

So, you can use
	fprintf(stderr, "Hi %d", n);

Also, if your module doesn't only sends commands to geomview but doesn't
need to read any responses from it, you can cause its standard input
to be left attached to the terminal with an appropriate emodule-define command.
In particular, if instead of saying

	(emodule-define  "Your Module"  yourprogram)
say this:

	(emodule-define  "Your Module"  "yourprogram <&2")

The /bin/sh shell (which runs all modules) interprets the "<&2" and redirects
yourprogram's standard input to its standard error, i.e. the terminal.
Then, your program can contain things like

	fprintf(stderr, "What now? ");
	scanf("%s", what);

It'd also be possible to allow reading both from geomview and from the
terminal; I'll describe that if you need it.

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